The color of the Monjardín organic products is the color of the freshly harvested and packaged products: the color of clean products, with the true flavor, the natural aroma, and their original texture.


  • Organic Artichoke

  • Organic Borrage

  • Organic Crushed Tomato

  • Organic Extra Fine Peas

  • Organic extra fine Whole Mushroom

  • Organic Laminate Mushroom

  • Organic Peeled Tomato

  • Organic Piquillo Peppers

  • Organic Piquillo Peppers Strips

  • Organic Sweet Corn

  • Organic Swiss Chard

  • Organic Thistle

  • Organic Vegetables Stew

  • Organic White extra Asparagus

  • Puerros Enteros Grandes Extra Ecológicos

  • Puerros Medianos Primera Ecológicos


  • Organic Beans

  • Organic Chickpeas

  • Organic Chickpeas with Spinach Soup

  • Organic Chickpeas with Vegetables Soup

  • Organic extra Lentils

  • Organic Judion (large butter beans)

  • Organic Lentils with Vegetables Soup

  • Organic Red Beans


  • Organic Beans with Vegetables Soup

  • Organic Chickpeas with Spinach Soup

  • Organic Chickpeas with Vegetables Soup

  • Organic Lentils with Vegetables Soup


  • Organic Bitter Orange Jam

  • Organic extra Apricot Jam


  • Organic Courgette Soup

  • Organic Gazpacho (Could Vegetables Soup)

  • Organic Pumpkin Soup

  • Organic Vegetables Soup


  • Organic Ketchup

  • Organic Tomato Sauce

They come from organic farming, which conserves the land, and respects biodiversity, which ensures healthy products by not using chemicals that affect the entire planet. These are products that put quality ahead of quantity, which come from an agriculture that uses traditional techniques but does not stop innovating in quality control systems, which it applies exhaustively. Their color is what nature wants them to have, that color and those flavors that we thought we had lost. Each package is unique, and is treated as an exclusive piece of high quality.